NormAndBoBain copy.jpg

“This trip combined the best of our collective ideas. Great cause. Unique access to two memorable venues. And remarkably efficient use of everyone’s time. I encourage all to join us on our 2019 adventure.”

— Norm Bagwell (L), pictured with Bo Bain



“You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy the fun of Fly Fore Leukemia. Quick easy trips are sometimes the best!”

— Robin Bagwell (L), pictured with Jo Hendrick


KerrsAndDossetts copy.JPG

“Fly Fore Leukemia was a great opportunity to support a wonderful cause with dear friends at a world class golf course.”

— Nancy & Mike Kerr (L), Natalie & Drew Dossett (R)


“Jo and I had a fantastic time in Las Vegas at the Fly Fore Leukemia event last year! The event provided a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends and enjoy the first class travel, accommodations, and golf. Shadow Creek is beyond beautiful and truly a bucket list golf course. Most important, we were able to bring attention to a great cause and support Texans battling leukemia. We are looking forward to the trip this year!”

— Dave Hendrick